Border Battle: Detailed Schedule

2013 South Atlantic Border Battle

UNC-Chapel Hill: Directions

SC Rosters

Saturday, November 2

Game 1

9:00 am                  Red Sox BP

9:20 am                  Mets BP

9:40 am                  Red Sox Inf

9:50 am                  Mets Inf

10:00 am               Red Sox vs Mets

12:15pm                Red Sox, Mets, Braves, Rangers 60’s

Game 2

12:30pm                Braves BP

12:50pm                Rangers BP

1:10pm                  Braves Inf

1:20pm                  Rangers Inf

1:30pm                  Braves vs Rangers

Game 3

4:00 pm                 Cardinals BP

4:20 pm                 Pirates BP

4:40 pm                 Cardinals Inf

4:50 pm                 Pirates Inf

5:00 pm                 Cardinals vs Pirates

7:15 pm                 Cardinals, Pirates, Rays, Royals 60’s

Game 4

7:30 pm                 Royals BP

7:50 pm                 Rays BP

8:10 pm                 Royals Inf

8:20 pm                 Rays Inf

8:30  pm                Royals vs Rays    


Sunday, November 3

Game 1                                                         

7:50 am                Rangers Cage BP                           

8:20 am                Mets Cage BP                            

8:40 am                Rangers Inf                                         

8:50 am                Mets Inf                                           

9:00 am                Padres vs Mets                                   

Game 2                                                                  

10:00 am              Cardinals Cage BP                             

10:30 am              Royals Cage BP                                  

11:00 am              Cardinals Inf                                            

11:10 am              Royals Inf                                                  

11:30 am             Cardinals vs Royals                                   

Game 3

12:30 pm              Braves Cage BP

1:00 pm                Red Sox Cage BP

1:30 pm                Braves Inf

1:40 pm                Red Sox Inf

2:00 pm               Braves vs Red Sox

Game 4

3:00 pm              Rays Cage BP

3:30 pm              Pirates Cage BP

4:00 pm              Rays Inf

4:10 pm              Pirates Inf

4:30 pm              Rays vs Pirates

Player/Parent Notes

Pirates (SC 15’s): Report Time is 2:30 PM in bleachers down the 3B line. Jerseys and hats provided by Pirates. Bring black socks and black belt, plus white pants on Saturday, grey pants on Sunday.

Mets (SC 14’s): Report Time is 8:00 AM in bleachers below the 1B concourse. Jerseys, hats and socks provided by Mets. Bring royal blue belt, plus white pants on Saturday, grey pants on Sunday.

-Players are responsible for bringing helmet, spikes, indoor shoes and any other equipment that you may need.

This is a wood bat event. Please bring your own lumber.

-No spikes are allowed in the cages or in the stadium, only on the field. No sunflower seeds in the cages. 

-Concessions will be available courtesy UNC.

Admission: $20 Tournament Pass, Ages 12 and under are FREE.

-Please be familiar with the schedule and be on time, or early, when your team is scheduled for activity. You are free to leave after your games. If games end early and allow us to move ahead of schedule, please understand that we will quickly roll into the next phase of the schedule.

Most Important Thing: Please stay tuned to in the days leading up to the event for any announcements/last second adjustments.