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SerwinowskiAdam pg21

-MLB Draft: Day Three-

SerwinowskiAdam pg21Serwinowski to Reds: Congrats to Eastside HS LHP Adam Serwinowski with his 15th Round selection in the MLB Draft, 453rd Overall to the Cincinnati Reds.

SightlerJos pd16Sightler to Pirates: Congrats to USC & Swansea HS LHP Josiah Sightler with his 15th Round & 440th Overall pick to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the MLB Draft.

GilbertGeo alldec20Gilbert to Yankees: Congrats to Clemson University & Bishop England HS LHP Geoffrey Gilbert with his 13th Round & 400th Overall pick to the New York Yankees in the MLB Draft.

-MLB Draft: Day Two-

GravesMavis pg21Graves to Phillies: Congrats to Eastside HS LHP Mavis Graves with his 6th Round selection in the MLB Draft, 182nd Overall to the Philadelphia Phillies.

WagnerLogan pd22Wagner to Dodgers: Congrats to P27 Academy INF Logan Wagner with his 6th Round selection in the MLB Draft, 195th Overall to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

-MLB Draft: Day One-

IssaicsXavier p22Isaac to Rays: Congrats to East Forsyth HS (NC) Xavier Isaac on his selection to the Tampa Bay Rays in the 1st round, 29th overall. 

TomanTucker pg21Toman to Jays: Congrats to Hammond HS INF Tucker Toman with his 2nd Round selection in the MLB Draft, 77th Overall to the Toronto Blue Jays.

AA ClementeAward16Baseball Quote: “When I put on my uniform, I feel I am the proudest man on earth.” Roberto Clemente.

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Attention HS Coaches:BeckleyDavid Cit11 After 16 years as a baseball coach at The Citadel, David Beckley has landed on his feet and has launched mPower6…a new model to raise funds for your program. It’s in your best interest to read the linked press release and/or website to learn more about an incredible opportunity for your baseball organization! Press Release / Recent / Website

DormanBubba bp19HITTER’S VIDEO/REVIEW SESSION@YOUR FACILITY: A convenient way to help your team and players become more consistent at the plate is provided by C. “Bubba” Dorman, former collegiate, high school, American Legion and Travel Baseball head and assistant coach for over 30 years. He will come to your facility and video each hitter, then review the video with each hitter, one on one, as they are viewing their swing on video. For more, click here.

TheWill 19{Endorsed by Diamond Prospects} The Will – When there is a WILL, there’s a way: When Charles Bedenbaugh lost his son Will to an automobile accident in 2010, he knew almost immediately he wanted to create a baseball complex for him. For much more regarding this inspirational story, click here.

Career Over? Parental MUST READ Baseball careers are ending every single night, in 2009 an anonymous parent sent this treasure to DP. To view ‘A Baseball Parent’s Farewell’, click here.

dp logo1Do’s and Do Not’s for Parents: In my many years as a high school coach, I hear and can tell many stories on parents and what they say and do during their child’s career. Enough stories to write a book that would take several days to read! Sometimes I like to think that 90 percent of what is said and done by parents is due to limited knowledge of a certain situation and/or how to handle situations. Unfortunately I know that while that is most often the case, things happen because a parent is just that, a parent. Fore more, click here.

NCAAlogo14 NCAA Info : Academic standards to play Division I and Divison II baseball are something every student-athlete and parent should know… To view, click here.

recruiting101-logo.jpgRecruiting 101: Finding the recruiting process difficult to understand or intimidating? Most players and parents do. You owe it to your son and his future to educate yourself from start to finish on the recruiting game. Have you considered the following… click here.

fca-logo.jpgFCA’s 10 Commandments: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Baseball has taken on the task of examining how to be a Christian baseball parent. It is truly up to Christians to change the culture of youth baseball by modeling the attributes of Christ in all aspects of the game. God gave us His “Ten Commandments”, biblical principles to guide ours lives. FCA gives us their version on how to act at the ballpark… To view, click here.

All-Pro Dad: Highly Recommended Any father that strives to be a quality dad should spend 2-4 minutes exploring this website created by Tony Dungy. To view, click here. Baseball Flavor

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