dp Midlands: Bulldogs @ Green Hornets

By: Stuart Lake & Fox Beyer - October 5, 2022

NuckolsBryson jump22As we begin Week 3 of the Midlands Diamond Prospects Fall Developmental League, there was no better place to watch a game than Henderson Johnson Field on the campus of Aiken High School. The facility-from the playing surface, to fan support, to a snack stand that was second to none; it provided the perfect backdrop as the Green Hornets welcomed the Bulldogs for another fall showcase of talent!

This matchup displayed the maturation of multiple talented arms and delivered standout performances at the plate, on the mound and in the field. Additionally, time and again, athleticism was displayed on the basepaths. With the midway point of the season approaching, the depth of talent within the league can’t be overstated. In short, the Midlands Diamond Prospects Fall Developmental League continues to be a solid platform for great competition and continual growth through the game of baseball.

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