5A Lower State Finals: Berkeley @ Summerville

By: Jon Helsabeck – May 24, 2021

-Crosstown Rivalry Delivers-

Summ soldout21You are going to remember this. For better or worse. Whether a win or a loss. That’s what this match-up brings to the table. A clash of two 5A powerhouses in the Lowcountry. If you’re on the field, you may leave it bloody. If you’re in the stands, you may leave hoarse. But you will not leave early. One thing we’ve learned in playoff baseball is that the game is never ever, over. And the only absolute guarantee is, you will leave with something you will never forget. A mere 16 miles apart, one adorned in blue and vegas and the other in grass green and gold, two fantastic skippers and a passionate following for both, this series began with the feeling of a tobacco road basketball rivalry and it delivered.

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