Cola Spring Break Coverage

HudsonTodd throw21By: Cory Welch – April 7-9, 2021

Over the course of three days, dp dashed around the Columbia area catching teams that were participating the in South Carolina Diamond Invitational & the Forest Acres Classic. Typically, for the “SCDI” we post up at Blythewood HS and watch teams roll in and out and grab some delicious food at the hospitality room in between games. Just like the last twelve months, this event was a little different, but it did not take away from what was witnessed on the field. One SCDI staffer brought this to my attention on day one by saying, “We have lemons, and we will make it lemonade”, and they did just that! Teams from the 803 & 864 clashed on the diamond in contests that had a little bit of everything. We had long balls, 90 MPH bolts, great defense and countless hustle plays in the contests dp took in.

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