MLB Draft Preview: 2021

Compiled By: DP Staff - July 10, 2021

MLBlogodraft21The combines have concluded, the notes have been made, scouting miles have been logged and final organizational meetings have been had...and now it's finally draft time! The First Round begins Sunday on the MLB Network at 6 PM.


OwingsChris-gb14As we mosey around South Carolina throughout the calendar, we are often asked to make predictions on the upcoming draft, who will be taken, which round will they go in, who is most signable, etc. We've asked a few questions of our own to some 'bigwigs' and threw in our two cents as well.


-2021 Draft Tracker-

DP Draft Alumni

lylesjordan-astros11.jpgThe entire process has always been a crapshoot, even for those making the final decisions so we aren't going to take a stab at which round, but below is what we did come up with regards to who has a chance to be drafted this week in the 20 rounds that are scheduled. Last year there were only 5 rounds, down from the 40 slots that had become the norm in summer past. Admittedly, every single scout that we spoke with said we would learn alot from this draft to be a little more bold with our prognostication in future years.

Our crystal ball comes with far less confidence than most years, with no sure thing, but here it is:

-Palmetto State Players Receiving Pro Interest this Spring-

 Name  High School  Pos  Signed  DP's $.02
 Billy Amick  P27 Academy  3B  Clemson  Possible
 Billy Barlow  North Myrtle Beach  RHP  Clemson  Probable
 Matthew Becker  Chapin  LHP  South Carolina  Possible
 Daniel Brooks  Bishop England  RHP  Coll of Charleston  Probable
 Wyatt Evans  JL Mann  LHP  Tennessee  Possible
 Austin Gordon  Myrtle Beach  RHP  Clemson  Possible
 Aidan Hunter  Summerville  RHP  South Carolina  Possible
 Roman Kimball  P27 Academy  RHP  Notre Dame  Probable
 Will Taylor  Dutch Fork  OF  Clemson  Definite
 TJ White  Dorman  OF  Indiana  Probable

Key: Definite, Probable, Possible {chances to be drafted}

-Others Receiving Pro Interest-

 Name  High School  Pos  Signed
 Tristan Bissetta  JL Mann  1B/OF  Clemson
 Carter Daniels  P27 Academy  RHP  Georgia Tech
 Garrett Dill  Greer  3B  Citadel
 Reed Garris  Wando  RHP  Clemson
 Matthew Gonzalez  P27 Academy  C  Fla International
 Reece Holbrook  Hammond  OF  North Carolina
 Talmadge LeCroy  Belton-Honea Path  INF/C  South Carolina
 Justin Lehman  Nation Ford  C/RHP  Army
 David Lewis  Blue Ridge  1B  Clemson
 Cole Messina  Summerville  C  South Carolina
 Tyler Overholt  Abbeville  LHP  Coll of Charleston
 Dariyan Pendergrass  Hartsville  OF  South Carolina
 Rocco Reid  Greenville  LHP  Clemson
 Carson Starnes  P27 Academy  RHP  North Carolina
 Evan Stone  Dutch Fork  INF/OF  South Carolina
 Camden Troyer  Powdersville  LHP/OF  Clemson
 Troy Wachter  P27 Academy  1B/RHP  Fordham