DP Fall Leagues: 2016 Information


Diamond Prospects Developmental Fall League

Competitive, Developmental, Affordable, Exposure


Diamond Prospects is proud to announce our return of a weekday fall league in the Upstate region during September and October of 2016. This year we are excited to also introduce a new league in the Greater Rock Hill area! The leagues will provide a local and affordable option for up-and-coming talent, plus established baseball players looking to get in some extra work during the school week.

As always, DP will provide players with opportunities for exposure. Team rosters, schedules, game recaps and prospect info will be posted on the website for easy access for college coaches and scouts looking to follow players during the ‘off-season'.

Something to play for... At the end of the season, All-Star players will be selected to play one game at Clemson University and Winthrop University. 

High Schools that are fielding a team 2016 (23 so far):

Tigers, Bulldogs, Rebels (2), Panthers (2), Cavaliers (2), Indians (2), Patriots (2), Raiders (2), Yellow Jackets, Wolverines, Generals

Falcons-Red, Falcons-Black, Trojans, Bearcats, Cougars#1, Cougars#2, Patriots

General Info:

-Games will be played on weekday nights only - no weekends. The aim is to shoot for Tuesday-Wednesday with makeup games Monday and Thursday. (rainouts and field availablity will determine much of our schedule).

-Opening week will be September 12 or September 19 and the league will run for five to six straight weeks with teams playing once a week. The last week of regular season will end October 20. 

-Teams will play a minimum of 5 games, however the goal is 6 games. The exact number depends on the eventual amount of clubs in a given league, available sites, plus rainouts.

-Teams are allowed to have players from multiple high schools

-Rainouts will be made up to the best of our ability

-Teams or individual players that want to be placed must contact your nearest league commissioner ASAP...

Contact Commisioner:

-Upstate League: Barry Mabry - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-Greater Rock Hill League: Gary Randall - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DP will:

-Post on team rosters and schedules

-Publish All-Star Teams at conclusion of season 

-Handle all scheduling of games, sites and umpires

-Handle payment of jersey tops, sites, umpires and game balls

-Be on hand to cover as much as possible to provide prospect info on

Teams will:

-Provide own insurance

-Be responsible for ordering jerseys from LDH Sports at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Deadline is August 31.

-Be responsible for collecting checks and player applications

-Please mail only one team check to Diamond Prospects, PO Box 1262, Conway SC 29528. This check should account for 100% of your player fees. Deadline is September 5.

-Teams will not be included into the master schedule until all checks/applications/insurance are received.

-Provide DP commissioner with two contact names/numbers for your team

-Provide own equipment (BP balls, helmets, catching gear, etc)

-Chase foul balls on your half of the field

Sites will:

-Make sure the field is cut, dragged and lined off

-Have option of running concession stand and keeping 100% of the profit

-Make ruling as to whether a field is playable or not. If a game must be cancelled, contact the DP commissioner for that league.


-Pitchers will throw no more than 3 innings per week

-Each team will have no less than 12 players per team

-There is no run rule. This league is based on player development 

-2 hour 30 minute time limit on single games; no new inning past that point. Bottom half must be played if home team is trailing

-2 hour time limit on doubleheaders; no new inning past this point. NO NEW INNING AFTER 1 HR 50 MINUTES. Bottom half must be played if home team is trailing.

-There will be a limit of eight hitters per innnig.

-Pre-game coin flip between coaches will determine home/visiting team

-Free substitution, provided it does not compromise the order of the lineup

-Mandatory courtesy runner for catchers with 2 outs

-Teams are allowed 10 minute pre-game INF/OF if your game is the only game that night at a site. Games must begin on time. Poor planning and mis-management of time will not be permitted.

-Keep the games moving: catching up pitcher, hustling on/off the field, limit time on mound visits, arguing calls, etc. The purpose of this league is letting players play as much as possible for their development.