dp Pre-Season Rankings: 2A

- 2A Overview -

SiaryEvan throw20OverholtTyler set19Through the DP lens of 2A baseball it appears that this classification may not be 'up for grabs' in 2021. In our estimation, so much talent has landed in one spot, but Andrew Jackson and Landrum return arms that are unwilling to relinquish the title without a say-so. Each will be pursued by others that take aim at them, of course anything could happen! We never fully know how a season will play out but always take a shot at our slotting of picks per region in the Palmetto State and for 2A’s overall Top 10. Plenty of pre-season awards are listed too! What do you think? (left, Landrum 2022 Evan Siary; right, Abbeville 2021 Tyler Overholt) 

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