Video/Review for Hitters: Bubba Dorman


DormanBubba bp19A convenient way to help your team and players become more consistent at the plate is provided by C. "Bubba" Dorman, former collegiate, high school, American Legion and Travel Baseball head and assistant coach for over 30 years. He will come to your facility and video each hitter, then review the video with each hitter, one on one, as they are viewing their swing on video.

The team's Coach will be responsible for providing the players, a place to video the hitters and a place to review the video with the hitter. Videoing can be done on the field or in a cage area. The Coach will also need to provide a pitching screen, baseballs, a table, chairs and access to electricity. 

DormanBubba ad20Coach Dorman will provide all necessary equipment to video and review the hitters. 

A minimum of 10 players is required for a session to be scheduled.

Cost: $20 per player

You can contact C. "Bubba" Dorman via phone or e-mail.

Phone: 803-686-1170

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*The time allotment will range according to the number of players videoed. A normal session usually runs for 3+ hours.