Palmetto Games: Schedule

Schedule for Saturday and Sunday August 16-17, 2008


8:00 AM          Session 1 Check-in at Sarge Frye Field (Pick-up jersey)

8:45               Session 1 players report to the field for a meeting and stretching

9:00-9:20        Northeast (Green) Batting Practice

9:20-9:40        Northwest (White) Batting Practice

9:45-9:55        Northeast Infield/Outfield

9:55-10:05       Northwest Infield/Outfield

10:20              Pre-game introductions

10:30              Northwest vs Northeast (7-inning game)

12:00              Session 2 Check-in at Sarge Frye Field (Pick-up jersey)

12:45              Session 2 players report to the field for a meeting and stretching

1:00-1:20        Mideast (Blue) Batting Practice

1:20-1:40        Midwest (Red) Batting Practice

1:45-1:55        Mideast Infield/Outfield

1:55-2:05        Midwest Infield/Outfield

2:20                Pre-game introductions

2:30                Midwest vs Mideast (7-inning game)

4:00                Session 3 Check-in at Sarge Frye Field (Pick-up jersey)

4:45                Session 3 players report to the field for a meeting and stretching

5:00-5:20         Southeast (Gold) Batting Practice

5:20-5:40         Southwest (Orange) Batting Practice

5:45-5:55         Southeast Infield/Outfield

5:55-6:05         Southwest Infield/Outfield

6:20                Pre-game introductions

6:30                Southwest vs Southeast (7-inning game)


8:00-8:25         Midwest BP in RF cages

8:25-8:50         Northwest BP in RF cages

9:00                Northwest vs Midwest (9-inning game)

10:30-10:50      NCAA/MLBPA seminar (SW and NE)

11:00-11:25      Southwest BP in RF cages

11:25-11:50      Northeast BP in RF cages

12:00               Northeast vs Southwest (9-inning game)

12:15-12:35      NCAA/MLBPA seminar (NW and MW)

1:30-1:50         NCAA/MLBPA seminar (SE and ME)

2:00-2:25         Southeast BP in RF cages

2:25-2:50         Mideast BP in RF cages

3:00                Southeast vs Mideast (9-inning game)

Day 1

Session 1-Northeast, Northwest

Session 2-Mideast, Midwest

Session 3-Southeast, Southwest

Player Notes:

-You are responsible for bringing baseball pants, HS hat, helmet, indoor shoes and any other equipment you may need. DP will provide your jersey.

-On Saturday, the registration tables will be stationed along the first base line near the restrooms.

-Please be familiar with the schedule and be on time when your team is scheduled for activity. You are free to leave after your games.

-On Sunday, Lee Long, an MLBPA certified agent, will conduct 3 separate FREE seminars for players and parents. He will touch on topics ranging from selecting a college to the MLB Draft.

-Video will be available of this event and will be run on DP. Additionally, video footage of the top prospects will also be viewable on the website.

-Concessions will be available each day, courtesy of Blythewood HS.

-Baseball jewelry and DP apparel will be available all weekend.

-A portion of the seats have been removed from Sarge Frye Field. We suggest you bring your own seating.

Admission: $10 Event Pass, $5 Day Pass; Ages 8 and under are FREE

Hotel info: We have secured a reduced rate at 2 Columbia hotels, be sure to mention Diamond Prospects for the discount.

Sleep Inn - 803.926.9260 $75.99 + tax

Comfort Inn - 803.796.0044 $71.99 + tax

Directions to Sarge Frye Field: click here.

Please stay turned to in the days leading up the event for any announcements. Also, in the case of inclement weather during the event, the website will be our way of communicating with you.