Palmetto Games: Teams

August 16-17, 2008 * Sarge Frye Field 

Northwest - White

Manager: Roger Finley-Easley

 Name  High School  Class  Committed
 Brooks Hall  TL Hanna  2009  USC Upstate
 Ben Carlson  Mauldin  2009  Spartanburg Methodist
 Daniel Palka  Greer  2010  Clemson
 Chris Cox  Mauldin  2009  Undecided
 Jake Long  Westside  2009  Undecided
 Cole Robison  Blue Ridge  2010  Undecided
 Ryne Slack  Ninety-Six  2010  Undecided
 Tyler Montgomery  Greer  2010  Undecided
 Austen Barber  Eastside  2009  Undecided
 Kirk Shelley  Hillcrest  2010  Undecided
 Phillip Alexander  Mauldin  2009  Undecided
 Matthew Moore  Belton-Honea Path  2009  Undecided
 Logan Thomas  Pickens  2010  Undecided
 Joey Pankake  Easley  2011  Undecided
 Brody Greer  Belton-Honea Path  2009  Undecided
 Justin Brewer  Liberty  2009  Undecided
 David Donald  JL Mann  2010  Undecided

Northeast - Green

Manager: Ed Taylor-Walhalla

 Name  High School  Class  Committed
 Stefan del Pino  Dorman  2009  Coastal Carolina
 Daniel Gossett  Byrnes  2011  Undecided
 Bobby Jackson  Gaffney  2009  Undecided
 Tyler Wilson  Gaffney  2010  Undecided
 Alex Wilson  Landrum  2009  Undecided
 Cameron Holmes  Boiling Springs  2009  College of Charleston
 John Michaels  Gaffney  2009  Undecided
 Dylan Cole  Dorman  2009  Furman
 Luke Feisal  Greenville  2010  Undecided
 Justin Gullickson  Spartanburg  2009  Undecided
 Josh Pless  Boiling Springs  2009  Citadel
 Jake Kirkland  Dorman  2009  Erskine
 Kyle Martin  Wade Hampton  2011  Undecided
 Seth Neely  Rock Hill  2009  Clemson
 TJ Young  Dorman  2009  Coastal Carolina
 Tyler Miller  Fort Mill  2009  USC Upstate
 Josh Greene  York  2010  Undecided

Midwest - Red

Manager: Dean Jones-Chesnee

 Name  High School  Class  Committed
 Tucker Hawley  South Aiken  2009  Alabama
 Taylor Guerierri  North Augusta  2011  Undecided
 Steven Bleile  North Augusta  2009  Undecided
 Taylor Grover  Midland Valley  2009  Undecided
 Christian Powell  Greenwood  2009  Undecided
 Brandon Henderson  Chesnee  2010  Undecided
 Paul Nitto  JL Mann  2009  Undecided
 Will Bedenbaugh  Mid Carolina  2009  Undecided
 Chris Owings  Gilbert  2009  South Carolina
 Adam Spires  Gilbert  2009  Undecided
 Hiller Huggins  Irmo  2011  Undecided
 Evan Darr  North Augusta  2009  Undecided
 Emilio Pagan  JL Mann  2009  Gardner-Webb
 Will Muzika  Dorman  2009  Undecided
 Greg Milanes  Aiken  2009  Undecided
 Taylor Rozier  North Augusta  2009  Undecided

Mideast - Blue

Manager: Steve Williams-Lancaster

 Name  High School  Class  Committed
 James Hall  Brookland-Cayce  2009  Undecided
 Jake Padgett  Gilbert  2009  Undecided
 Michael Hanzlik  Blythewood  2009  Undecided
 Jared Keels  Spring Valley  2010  Undecided
 Chad Balderman  Dutch Fork  2009  Undecided
 Travis Burnside  Laurens  2009  Spartanburg Methodist
 Grayson Greiner  Blythewood  2011  Undecided
 Brad Zebedis  South Pointe  2010  Undecided
 Gray Stafford  Cheraw  2009  Undecided
 Justin Trapp  Fairfield-Central  2009  College of Charleston
 Daniel Rawls  Chester  2009  Undecided
 Tori Patterson  Laurens  2010  Undecided
 Matthew Van Laan  Lexington  2009  Charleston Southern
 Domineke Albert  Richland Northeast  2011  Undecided
 Dre Watts  Laurens  2009  Undecided
 Dominique Anderson  Hillcrest  2009  USC Sumter

Southeast - Gold

Manager: John Daurity-Socastee

 Name  High School  Class  Committed
 Colby Holmes  Conway  2009  South Carolina
 Tyler Smith  Sumter  2010  Undecided
 Tyler Broome  Wilson Hall  2009  Undecided
 Kieston Stevens  Union  2010  Undecided
 Kyle Ward  Georgetown  2009  Undecided
 Kelly Wright  St. James  2009  Undecided
 Landis Lane  West Florence  2009  Undecided
 David Rickenbacker  Socastee  2009  Undecided
 Jared Huffman  Myrtle Beach  2010  Undecided
 Bruce Caldwell  Sumter  2011  Undecided
 Reggie Weatherford  Lake City  2009  Spartanburg Methodist
 Tyler Jackson  Robert E. Lee  2009  Spartanburg Methodist
 Chandler Smetana  West Florence  2009  Undecided
 Ryne Hardwick  Conway  2009  Undecided
 Shon Carson  Lake City  2011  Undecided
 Shane Miles  Lake City  2009  Charleston Southern
 Tripp Faulk  North Myrtle Beach  2009  Undecided
 Josh Knab  Carolina Forest  2009  Undecided
 Phillip Herring  Dillon  2009  Undecided
 Michael Keels  Manning  2010  Undecided

Southwest - Orange

Manager: Jimmy White-Hartsville

 Name  High School  Class  Committed
 Greg Harrison  Hilton Head  2009  South Carolina
 Chris Hanna  Stratford  2010  Undecided
 Ryan Connolly  Bishop England  2009  Coastal Carolina
 Ben Sauls  Beaufort  2009  Undecided
 Chase Gaude  Battery Creek  2009  Undecided
 Austin Pritcher  James Island  2009  Citadel
 Dillon Gaines  Irmo  2010  Undecided
 Brison Celek  Bishop England  2009  South Carolina
 Jeremy Beacham  Palmetto  2009  Undecided
 Alex Abrams  Bishop England  2010  Undecided
 Jimmy Lindberg  Bishop England  2011  Undecided
 Blake Gruel  Beaufort  2009  Undecided
 Cameron Yost  Hillcrest  2009  Undecided
 Drake Thomason  Eastside  2010  Undecided
 Luke Tollison  Laurens Academy  2009  Spartanburg Methodist
 Nick Berry  West Ashley  2009  Undecided
 Daniel Aldrich  Wando  2009  South Carolina
 Ryan Walker  First Baptist  2009  Undecided