DP Q&A: Seth Richardson

RichardsonSeth backhand18DP Spotlight: My name is Seth Richardson and I am a senior SS/RHP at Midland Valley High School. I have been around the game of baseball for as long as I can remember. My dad has been coaching for 27 years after his own baseball career at the high school and college level. My older brother, Zack, played for Greenwood High School and Anderson University. From a very young age, I would have a ball of any type in my hand. Anything I picked up, I would throw. That got me in a bit of trouble with a few windows on cars or the house. Over the years I have attended thousands of baseball games watching and supporting my dad and brother. Being at these games gave me the opportunity to see and learn the game early. This exposure is what helped establish my knowledge of baseball. I have a strong passion for the game that keeps me working and trying to excel. 

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