DP's XProTeX Player of the Week

Diamond Prospects Introduces New Sponsor, XProTeX

xprotex-glove.jpgWe are excited to be partnering with XProTeX, a company challenging the traditional methods of sports protection. XProTeX offers 7 different types of gloves for hitting, baserunning, catching, or fielding with added protection for the hand, fingers, and/or wrists.

Anyone that enters Diamond10 when purchasing a pair of gloves will receive a 10% discount.

There are several gloves for batting, and we have seen a really positive response from several local professional baseball players. In addition, a catcher may want to purchase the Strykr, which is designed to reduce season-long bone bruises and injuries. Baserunners may want to take a look at the Slydr, gloves designed to protect the fingers from hyperextension. If you are a pitcher who also hits, these are a must have to protect your hands from injury!

Please take a minute to click on the XProTeX ad on the side of the page to purchase these innovative protective gloves! To see an article from USA Today, please click here to learn more about the value of these products!

dp_logo1.pngFinally, we are excited to begin providing a pair of gloves each week to the Diamond Prospects XProTeX Player of the Week. The player named as the player of the week will receive a free pair of XProTeX gloves directly from XProTeX!

To view XProTeX website and DP discounts, click here.