dp Greater Rock Hill: Falcons 1 @ Bearcats 1

By: Gary Randall - October 13, 2021

I promise the comfort of the spacious Rock Hill HS press box was not the reason for venturing crosstown to pick off the nightcap game between Falcons 1 and Bearcats 1. For this, that and the other reason there were still 3 DP GRH teams I hadn’t scouted yet and Falcons 1 was one of them. Now there are only 2 and I plan to get them next week.

In a game of mostly solid pitching but replete with walks, errors and not many hits, Falcons 1 came out ahead as the time limit expired after 6 complete. The good news for all the players, those who performed well and those who did not, is that these game situations can be productive in helping coaches and players see where they stand regarding baseball tools and skills.

Hopefully, there will be an examination of what went well and what did not and the result of that introspection and discussion will spur continued and targeted work in making improvements. That’s called DEVELOPMENT – chase after it!

In other DP GRH team action Copperheads-Stas > Bearcats 2, Copperheads-Levy > Volunteers, Cougars 2 > Bruins 2, Falcons 2 > Bruins 1, and Blue Eagles 1 > Stallions. There is a lone game going on tonight to cap off the 5th Week of the 6 Week schedule – Lancers 1 at Gaffney 1.

Reports of HR’s in games not seen firsthand included Sam Schwamb and Harrison Wilson, each one of the Copperheads teams. Congrats fellas!          

                                        -Prospect Info: Falcons 1-

SimmonsGabe stance21Gabe Simmons – Nation Ford HS, 2023, MIF, NC State Commit: There a good baseball lesson here - I have watched Gabe for two years in DP, travel ball and DP Palmetto Games and have not ever seen him less impressive than last night. Welcome to baseball… everyone who has played this beautiful but difficult game. It’s simply a tough sport and failure must be dealt with in a productive manner to both overcome the failures and move forward in a positive manner. Now, to be certain, Gabe is a talented player and a good sign for NC State U. But, if a scout or coach wandered in to watch him in this game, they would not think another day was needed to be spent evaluating him. Again, welcome to baseball! Gabe – figure out what went wrong last night, flush it, and work today on continuing to get better. You are a good ballplayer, especially in the batter’s box.

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