DP Upstate Fall League: Fall-Star Games

ASGLogoBy: Cory Welch, Taylor Hollifield & Barry Mabry – November 4 & 5, 2020

Fifty-two teams locked horns over the past six weeks competing in the DP Upstate Fall League. This was our twelfth season hosting the fall league and might go down as one of our most memorable. Over the past year we all have been hit with something that has changed our lives forever. It has affected how we go about our everyday routine and we stop and think how different things were before COVID-19. This fall league gave us a sense of normalcy and with the efforts of so many, it was yet another success.

This week was the week we all look forward to every year. We brought the best of the best together to compete in two All-Star games and an Underclassman Shootout on back-to-back nights. On Wednesday night, the top eighty players played two games at JB Red Owens. We followed that up on Thursday evening at Southside Christian HS recognizing the top Underclassman; running them through a pro-style workout then a single game. A lot of established players solidified their prospect status while new faces made a name for themselves.

Below we have put together a plethora of information that was collected by our staff during the two events that include: game recaps, MPH’s (by position), 60’s, pop times, player accolades, in detail prospect info, top pitcher/top hitter for each team and overall MVP for each event.

Tip of the Cap I: DP would like to thank Easley rec's Scott Price and his supporting staff for their efforts throughout the entire fall and the All-Star Games. We would also like to thank Southside Christian Head Coach Scott Freeman and his supporting staff for hosting the Underclassman Shootout. Both sites were spot on with music, scoreboard and the entire operation. We can’t thank you guys enough for your time and effort. 

Tip of the Cap II: We would like to thank Anchor Bats for sponsoring our awards again this year. They provided tee-shirts, hats and a gift card for our individual awards for each team. We appreciate the support that Matt Rollins and Ben Renfrow has for what we do at Diamond Prospects. 

DP Note: Every year we walk away with some sort of ‘Theme of the Night. This year’s theme was 'Blinded by the Light'. Wednesday night at the All-Star Games as darkness set it, catchers on all four teams started to struggle with receiving. After about 2 innings we finally noticed the problem. There was a small pole light behind centerfield that if an above average height RHP was on the mound, the catcher would lose sight of the ball. For a second we were thinking we invited the wrong guys to this event. On Thursday night at the Underclassman Shootout late in the game, a foul ball was hit straight back (more towards 1B side) that completely shattered a field light making it rain down glass and causing a ten-minute delay. It is funny how these yearly themes continue to occur and look forward to what next year brings. 

Player Comps: This could have easliy fell under 'Theme of the Night'. One of our own (no name mentioned) was throwing out player comps left and right on both nights that had everyone in laughter. Some comps were good but most were bad or backwards. A couple of names he threw out there: Daniel Gossett, Josiah Sightler, Tim Lincecum, Grayson Greiner, Matt Weiters and even comped some to our very own DP staffer. We appreciate this DP staffer providing some intel but going back through his player dictionary is highly reccomended! 

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