DP Greater Rock Hill DH: Falcons B/Blue Eagles-Killian, Bulldogs/Hill Cats

By: Gary Randall - October 13, 2020

CasselmanLuke FL20The first night of Week 4 play brought this seasoned scouter to Republic Field in Great Falls, SC. Republic Field is…well, seasoned also, and as I am told, was constructed circa 1920. It is the off campus home field of Great Falls HS. It’s a field with character as they say. It sits down from a hill that surrounds the backstop and extends down both foul lines for a distance. Throw in the concrete stands and the winding outfield fence (short, long, long, short) it’s a refreshing change from any “cookie cutter” ballpark.

The field condition speaks to an attentive crew with the overall cleanliness of the facility to the well-kept playing surface. Kudos to Hill Cats Co-Head Coach, Josh Heffner (Great Falls HS Head Coach), his fine helpmate, Mr. Joey Williams, and the other Hill Cats Co-Head Coach, Blake Barron (Lewisville HS Head Coach).

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