Lancers vs USC-Lancaster

By: Gary Randall - October 7, 2020

PelzerXavier fl20The Lancers jumped into the fire last night and faced off against…well, the Lancers of USC Lancaster. For the second year in a row, Coach Nick Calhoun graciously welcomed DP and the HS Lancers to “Doomsday Corner” for a night of baseball. As well as featuring a new press box and stands, the playing surface was in fine shape. And regarding on field play, chalk it up as a success as both teams got some game action reps and saw some positives as well as some areas requiring a dab of polish.

Congrats on an even-more-important-than-baseball happening in life as Coach Nick Calhoun and his wife very recently welcomed twin baby boys into the world. Our very best to all of them going forward!

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