DP Greater Rock Hill Fall League – Falcons A/B, Warriors & Stallions

By: Gary Randall - October 9, 2019

Pendergast19flDP bounced over to Nation Ford HS to cover games involving the Falcons two teams facing off against the Warriors and the Stallions to wrap up Week 5 of 6 in league play. In game one, Falcons B and the Warriors brisked through a well-paced game to a tie after 7 complete. The late game resulted in Falcons A outdistancing the Stallions. (pictured, Kyle Raynor, Aaron Pendergast)

En route to Nation Ford, I received a report that a huge water main had fractured in the Rock Hill area and dumped out a mere 12 million gallons of water cancelling all after school activities at Rock Hill HS (and others I’m sure). So, water from the sky (Tuesday) and then underground H2O (Wednesday) pushed back the Blue Eagle-Bearcat four team match-up to next week.

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