DP Rock Hill Fall League: Opening Night

By: Gary Randall - September 11, 2018

DP Fall League Greater Rock Hill (GRH) Opening Night- Trojans & Cougars Teams Square Off

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Year three of DP's Greater Rock Hill Fall League is off & running as the Trojans two teams matched up against the Cougars two teams. With pockets of rain dotting the radar screen, the imaginary dome over York Comprehensive HS did its job & two games are in the books. (right, York's Hunter Parks)

Right off the bat a welcome & some kudos need to be delivered. First, a hearty welcome to the new York Comprehensive HS Head Baseball Coach Tripper Crisson. He comes from good coaching stock & count on Coach Crisson & his Cougar teams to make some noise during his tenure there. In addition to other baseball schooling, he spent 8 years as an assistant coach to the legendary coach of East Rutherford HS & Cherryville Legion, Bobby Dale Reynolds. Even some SC baseball folk will likely have heard that name! As Coach Crisson mentioned last night, Coach Reynolds is the consummate baseball man – loves it, lives it. Welcome to SC Coach Crisson and best of luck as you pave your own path!

And the kudos go to Kelly Clayton, the coach of the Trojan entries in the fall league all three years running. Trust me, it’s an unpaid position requiring a number of different “hats” to be worn to get the job done well. He seems to have an endless number of those “hats” and DP and the young men he coaches are extremely appreciative. Thank you, Kelly!

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