DP Fall League: Tigers @ Patriots DH

By: Cory Welch – September 26, 2017

LumsdenMatthew-stance17fallAs the halfway point of the Upstate Fall League is approaching, DP made its first stop to Greenville county to check in on two programs for the first time this fall. The Tigers of Blue Ridge traveled down to JL Mann High School to take on the Patriots in a twinbill. Both schools lost key players to graduation last season but familiar faces are looking to keep these programs as some of the most respected in the Upstate. Along with checking in on the known impact players, some fresh names popped on the DP radar and will look to make key impacts in the future!

As the first pitch was thrown, the sun was beating down and temperatures were in the upper-80’s. As the sun set and stadium lights turned on at Holden Field, comfortable temperatures settled in and quality baseball was played. For 4+ hours DP locked in on young men perfecting their craft and this scout walked away very impressed with effort the guys put on the diamond tonight! Let’s lock in on a few guys that stood out in tonight’s doubleheader!

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