DP Upstate Fall League: Red Raiders @ Wolverines DH

By: Cory Welch – September 18, 2017 

PerkinsReed-stance17As we roll in the second week of the Upstate Fall League, DP made the trip to Woodruff, SC to lock in on make-up games between the Red Raiders and Wolverines. Last week’s weather caused a little hiccup to the original schedule, but with the cooperation of all parties involved, we are now able to get back on schedule. Tonight’s doubleheader featured players from Greenville and Woodruff High school as well as some players from other schools in the Upstate. The first contest of the evening featured Red Raiders 2 vs Wolverines 2 and in the nightcap Red Raiders 1 and Wolverines 1 locked horns.

In all, DP laid eyes on 50+ players that ranged from the class of 2018 to 2022. It was an excellent night for baseball. Let’s dig in to what was observed tonight on the grounds of the Woodruff High School! (Pictured, Greenville 2018 Read Perkins)

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