5A Lower State Finals: River Bluff @ Lexington

By: Will Cheatham - May 10, 2017

-The battle of Lexington, Lower State-

WilliamsRicky-sign17DP was on hand tonight at Lexington High School for the Lower State Championship where the River Bluff Gators travelled all of 10 minutes depending on the stop lights across town for a chance to play in the State Championship. The Wildcats won the winners bracket game on Saturday which set them up in the driver’s seat for tonight’s game.

This is a true testament to how strong the Dixie Youth programs and high school programs are in Lexington County. The Wildcats won three state championships in the 90’s then the school split to create White Knoll. Lexington won again in 2013 the year after they split again to create River Bluff. In 2010 White Knoll won the AAAA title, and now we have Lexington and River Bluff playing for a chance to get to the championship.

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