TL Hanna @ Westside

By: Cory Welch – April 8, 2017

MarchbanksHunter-inf17Tonight, dp took a stroll down I-85 and set up shop in Anderson at Westside High to watch the rubber match in the Electric City Showdown between TL Hanna and Westside. After two days of blustering conditions, the winds have calmed and temps were on the rise as the two programs took the diamond on a beautiful spring night for some Saturday night baseball. These two clubs have locked up playoff spots and are now battling it out for position as the postseason nears. This season, the Rams have relied on the long ball as they have launched 14 over the fence. Tonight’s matchup featured one club banging the ball around the yard and another that over the years has relied heavily on pitching and defense. (pictured, Westside 2018 Hunter Marchbanks)

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