dp Scrimmages: Wren Site

Willis- Carter-Arm2017By: Cory Welch & Barry Mabry – February 18, 2017

Round two of DP scrimmages were set to fire off across the state on this Saturday as 24 high schools gave us a sneak preview of what they are bringing to the table in 2017. Here in the Upstate, DP posted up at Wren HS for the fifth straight year. Early week weather reports didn’t look too good with rain in the projected forecast but Mother Nature cooperated (for the most part) and first pitch was thrown at 9:55 AM.

Our lineup today featured: Palmetto vs. Laurens, Eastside vs. Emerald and Wren vs. JL Mann.These scrimmages are set up for 9 innings or 2.5 hours with a 7 hitter per inning limit. Our focus is for players to get reps, coaches to see what they have and evaluators to lock in on prospects. (pictured, Wren 2019 Carter Willis)

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