DP All-Star Game: Greater Rock Hill Fall League @ Winthrop Ballpark

By: Cory Welch & Gary Randall - October 26, 2016

DPfallleagueAS-15At the risk of being overly biased, the inaugural GRHL all-star game marking the end of the inaugural GRHL fall league season was simply a success. Mega-kudos must be spread around liberally to plenty of folks for their help with the league & with the all-star game…so here goes:

Players: There would have been no league & certainly no all-star game without players who want to play baseball & players who seek to play the game at a high level of competition. MEGA-KUDOS TO THE PLAYERS!

Coaches: No question - the coaches for this year’s league made the league possible. From forming & entering their teams into the league, to submitting the required paperwork, to giving of their valuable time & energy to weekly games & to helping with the selection & coaching of the all-star game, these men stepped up big-time – Eddie Tisdale (York), Stas Swerdzewski (Nation Ford), Kelly Clayton (Northwestern), Darrell Williams (York Prep Academy) & Mike Partlow (Rock Hill). MEGA-KUDOS TO THE COACHES!

Parents: Without parents supporting the league, including picking up the tab for their high-schooler to be part of a team, obviously the league & the all-star game would not have materialized. A special thank you from a parent to the parents for your love & support of your ballplayer. MEGA-KUDOS TO THE PARENTS!

Umpires: Now some of you may remember a call made by a league umpire during the season or all-star game that didn’t sit well with you, and of course they get paid for their time & talent, but the umpiring crew for the Catawba Umpires Association did a fine job throughout the season & the all-star game. They showed up and on time & always gave a quality effort. MEGA-KUDOS TO THE UMPIRES!

High Schools: Without baseball fields to play on, there would be no league. DP appreciates the following high schools for allowing league games to be played using their facilities. MEGAKUDOS TO NATION FORD HS, ROCK HILL HS, NORTHWESTERN HS & YORK HS!WinthropBallpk

Tom Riginos, Head Coach Winthrop University & His Crew: Last but certainly not least, a big thank you to “TR” for the use of his first-class facility, for arranging a ton of help in the form of a field crew, a public address announcer, a medical trainer, a scoreboard/music handler & an energetic & adept foul ball hunter – Bert Black. MEGA-KUDOS TO Coach Riginos & Company!

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