DP Fall League: Greater Rock Hill – Patriots @ Falcons Black & Cougars #2 @ Falcons Red

By: Gary Randall - October 12, 2016


Wednesday night action of the GRHL Week #4 included a double-header at Nation Ford HS where the Falcons Black team faced the Patriots and then Falcons Red squared up with the Cougars #2 team. It was a certainly a busy evening at NFHS with various fields all over campus alive with a slew of sports activities. At the baseball field we witnessed a couple of 7-inning match-ups, but not without an unexpected competitor - a loud PA calling out action from back-to-back football games at the adjoining gridiron. The players, coaches, fans & yours truly worked at focusing our attention on our National Pastime and we all came away with a win.

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