DP Fall League: Greater Rock Hill - Falcons Red @ Bearcats

By: Gary Randall – October 4, 2016


The GRHL moved into Week 3 of 5 on a pleasant night for baseball at Rock Hill HS as the Falcons Red matched up with the Bearcats. The green grass was still smiling deep green ahead of the coming cooler temperatures. When all was said & done, 8 ½ innings of play were completed & every player on both teams got to compete in the batters box at least three times. It was a game where the certain winner, outside of the winning opportunity for players to work at their games, was the curveball. Several pitchers trotted out tight spin pitches of various shapes & sizes…and the hitters found them at the very least - challenging. Hey, don’t be shocked. Have you heard the oft-cited story of a big-leaguer being asked about his plan to hit the curveball? His answer – “don’t miss the fastball.”

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