DP Fall League: Patriots #2 vs Generals & Patriots #1 vs Tigers

 By: Cory Welch – September 14, 2016

Following a smooth first night of games across the Upstate, DP decided to settle in at JL Mann High School for a doubleheader that featured three schools located in Greenville County. In the past two nights I have laid eyes on eight different teams and 85+ players. Tonight featured two games that went the full seven innings which is an impressive feat with the number of young guys that stepped on the field for their respective programs for the first time. Kids hustling on and off the field, picking up teammates, and communication has been noted and I applaud all involved in making the first week of the 8th year of this league a success!LumsdenTyler-stride16

Regular Season Atmosphere: As games got underway this evening at Holden Field a nice crowd gathered and there was a touch of regular season feel in the air (minus the 40 degree temperatures). The parents at JL Mann had the concession stand open serving hot dogs and snacks and the sound system was up and running to help pass the time as the players prepped for the next half inning of play. 

Coaches’ Fist Bump: As mentioned before, with the number of young guys stepping on the field for the first time tonight I wanted to take a moment to commend the coaches on the field tonight for using instances that occurred during the game as “teachable moments”. At the end of the day, that is what this league is all about!

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