dp Spotlight: Daniel Brooks

BrooksDaniel finish20I was born and raised in Mount Pleasant, SC in 2002. I’m now 6’8” 250 pounds. I attend Bishop England High School. I went to a BE baseball camp when I was little and met Coach Darnell. I knew I wanted to play for him even then. Same thing when I met Coach Nichols. I knew I wanted to play for him and play for my hometown.

My sister Katie is also a very good athlete. She was Post & Courier’s Girls Athlete of the Year and Girls Basketball Player of the Year in 2019. She won AAA State Championships in Soccer, 2 in Basketball and 1 in Track. So I had no choice but to work hard and compete to get better in my both of my chosen sports, basketball and baseball. So far, I have won 2 State Titles in AAA baseball.

My faith is very important to me. I hope to be successful enough in baseball to play a long time in the MLB and have a platform to make an impact helping kids.

I like to have fun and joke around. I like to make people smile and laugh. But when it comes to training, I don’t slack off. I intend on being the best I can be and believe I can be one of the best to play the game of baseball at the highest level.

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