dp Spotlight: Tyler Overholt

OverholtTyler set19Hey, my name is Tyler Overholt. The baseball world knows me as T.O. I come from a strong-rooted baseball family. I started playing baseball when I was 5 years old. The first travel team I ever played on was called Team Rawlings. My greatest memory with this team is going to Cooperstown, NY where I hit five home runs and helped my team come in second place out of a 100+ teams. From ages 8-12 I helped Rawlings win eight Super NIT’s. When playing with Southern Athletics I was one of the top hitters and outfielders on the team with a high batting average with many doubles and triples. It was the Canes that developed me as a pitcher. I have been a part of three WWBA National Championships with the Canes national 14u, 15u, and Canes American 17u. As well as winning the Black Bear Classic with Canes South 16u.

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